About John Oliver

I was born in Greenwich , where time starts .That is right Greenwich London not the village

I had only one sister, Janet, she left England for a three week vacation in NY ,that was in 1959 and she has yet to return .

I caught the photography bug when I was about 19, from then on, most of my pocket money went into my new hobby. I became the family photographer. On our trips it was I who took the usual kind of travel photos.

In 1968 I was invited to visit my sister in New York ,my first trip aboard , so much to see and so much to photograph .

The following year a friend and I drove to Switzerland , so much to see so much to photograph .

Then in 1972 I met Alexandra Katherine Constance Neville and married her started a family lots to do and slowly the number of pictures other than smiling babies , dogs and the occasional family group started to dwindle .

Then we were empty nesters, travel was back on and the digital camera was here .

Now living in Canada surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and wildlife it was time to share some of my images .

You can buy any image you see here for a very reasonable price (in my opinion)